Therapy Groups are best suited to ordinary adults who are both willing and able to examine unproductive aspects of their selves and who will be prepared to listen to and consider the thoughts of other group members. It is not suitable for addressing serious mental illness. The groups are not themed and are helpful in a range of circumstances. There are many reasons that people choose to join, beginning with seeking ongoing personal development and ending with those wishing to address past traumas and emotional and interpersonal concerns.

Some reasons to join include…

  • Recognising the need to grow or change
  • Wanting to understand and manage your feelings better
  • Feeling like you don’t quite fit in
  • Worrying unnecessarily and/or feeling inhibited in life
  • Always ending up in unhappy relationships… or ones that don’t last
  • Repeatedly finding yourself in conflict
  • Struggling with trust and intimacy
  • Feeling unsure of yourself

A good Therapy Group aims to bring different people together because diversity increases the potential for growth by providing a broad range of perspectives. Hence, I will try to include men and women, young and older, married and single etc..