Unfortunately, psychotherapy groups are not nearly as available as they should be and it is not always easy to find a group that has been designed to go beyond providing support or limiting itself to education and dealing with specify issues.

If you are interested in exploring which groups might be available try The Centre for Group Analytic Studies (Cape Town) website as this includes a bulletin board on which a range of groups are advertised.

You might also consider contacting the professionals listed below. They are known to have specialised skills in conducting groups and may either have space available in a group that they are conducting or they might know of another group in one of the areas that they practice.

Anel Grobler: 084 515 9444, www.anelgrobler.co.za, (PTA / Centurion)

Heidi Nestler: 083 457 1432, (Sandton, JHB)

Julia Kuhn: 082 357 7210, (Westdene, JHB)