I usually begin by meeting with the parents so that I can get a sense of the child’s history and an understanding of your concerns. The meeting will also provide me with a picture of the kinds of stresses the family has been through, and this will help me understand the context in which your child’s difficulties have formed and allow me to help your child make sense of it all. The meeting will also enable you to get a sense of me and to decide if you feel comfortable with choosing me as your child’s play therapist.

It is often useful for me to see all relevant information from the school (e.g. report cards) and other significant adults in their lives including any previous assessments or doctors reports. This will help me build up a sense of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

If I feel that I can help, I will make a time to see the child. We will discuss some of my preliminary thoughts and talk about what to tell your child about their Play Therapy. Once I have seen the child for a few sessions, I will give you more detailed feedback and make some recommendations. I will then arrange to meet with you at regular intervals to discuss your child’s progress. There are times where I might suggest a referral for other professional intervention as part of the therapy, and this might include additional support for you.