Psychotherapy is carried out at a regular frequency of between one and three sessions per week. Some clients arrive with the intention of entering an intensive psychotherapeutic process and so, where appropriate, begin meeting more than once a week. Many clients start with one session a week and adjust as and if necessary.

Sessions are typically increased various reasons. The client may be experiencing emotional turmoil which requires regular contact to contain. It could be that a particular issue is difficult to reach when meeting only once a week e.g. some clients are unable to discuss intimate issues if they don’t see the therapist regularly. Sometimes someone might elect to attend more regularly since they are in search of maximum insight and emotional development. These individuals often include therapists who find they are better able to help clients after an experience such as this.

Unfortunately, meeting more frequently does not necessarily mean that the therapy ends in a shorter amount of time. More frequent sessions allow a depth and degree of continuity that is not possible when meeting once weekly. Less session time is taken up discussing the events of the week and it is much easier to hold onto looking inwards and facing difficult things. This can help you to achieved results that may otherwise have not been possible.