Each potential participant meets with me for an individual session first. We use this time to talk about what you might like to achieve in the group and to see if this group is the most appropriate place to do this. If it is not I will make appropriate suggestions. This meeting will also prepare you to join the group and give you a chance to get a feel for me and to ask questions. It will also give me the opportunity to discuss the agreement.

The agreement spells out all the requirements such as the expectation to attend all meetings and to arrive on time; to put feelings into words not actions; to pay the bill on time; to keep the identities and words of the members confidential; to commit to attending for a reasonable time, to use the group therapeutically and not to meet other members socially.

If you decide to join the group you may be asked to wait until space becomes available or for a new group to form. Unfortunately, this may take some time.